Saturday 9th June 2018: Elite Cricket Club vs N2 Cricket Club
It’s been a few years since we actually played a game against Elite due to bad weather and either team not having enough players having meant that we’ve called off matches in the last couple of years.
However, N2 turned up to find good weather and full quota of players for both teams!  N2 Skipper lost to toss and Elite elected to bat on what turned out to be a very dubious pitch with the ball bouncing, rolling and everything that scares a batsman!  Elite elected to play a 35 over match with the added rule that anything on the leg side was to be declared a wide.  As N2 began to field a quick team talk meant all the bowlers were informed of that particular rule which was to be our downfall!  If you tell someone not to do something…
Elite batted OK on the track but only managed to score 104 runs off the bat but the bowling was atrocious and we gave away 32 wides, 5 no-balls and even managed to give away 5 penalty runs as the ball hit the keepers helmet on a bad day.  However, we took all the catches that came our way.
N2 went to bat with optimism rife and what seemed a strong line-up only for Dave Parker to fall to the very first ball!  However, this brought Faraz Ali to the crease with his cousin Qasim Naqvi and both looked in good form as they tried to master the pitch.  Qasim struggled to play his drives and was bowled for 11 but Rosh Davids came to bat meaning we had two big hitters at the crease.  Faraz was out C&B on 26 and N2 69 for 3 but Dee Hingorani and Rosh then put on a good stand of 42 together before Dee was caught for 12 with Rosh getting closer to his half century.  It wasn’t to be for Rosh who was bowled out for 49 and N2 on 120 for 5 with nearly 8 overs left.  Runs were scored and wickets fell consistently until the last two overs… 12 runs from 12 balls.  Then Abdul Firfire fell off the first ball in the last over leaving N2 needing 9 from 5 balls and Shahiem Francke on strike.  A single off the next third ball and 8 from 3 balls, 8 from two 8 from the last ball… Bhatt couldn’t connect and the game was lost by 6 runs.
Some balls which seemed wides which were not called by our umpires, single runs when two’s could have been run all could have won the game for N2 BUT the only reason N2 lost the game was 32 wides and 5 no-balls.  N2 scored 120 off the bat compared to Elite’s 104 but Elite’s bowling was much better ‘only’ giving 27 extras (13 byes and 8 wides plus others).
Man of the match:  Rosh Davids with his return to form and scoring 49 on a very difficult pitch following three ducks in his previous innings.
Bhatt S                          -           7 overs – 5 maiden - 7 runs - 0 wickets
Abbas Z                        -           7          0          46        2
Firfire A                        -           4          1          11        0
Davids R                       -           4          0          30        1
Rawat R                        -           7          1          23        1
Rawat Y                        -           6          0          31        1
Extras 49
Total 153 for 7 in 35 overs

D. Parker                       - Bowled 0
Q Naqvi                         - Bowled 11
F. Ali                             - C&B 26
R. Davids                      - Bowled 49
D. Hingorani                 - Caught 12
A. Firfire                       - Caught 12
Z. Abbas                       - Caught 2
R Rawat                        - Bowled 3
Y. Rawat                       - Bowled 5
S. Bhatt                        - Not Out 0
S. Francke                    - Not Out 1

Extras 27
Total 147 for 9 in 35 overs