Daisy collecting her 'Girls Under 16's Trophy Sep 2010 with Middlesex players Stephen Finn and Neil Dexter





2009 Tudor Sports Ground vs Yarl

Back row L-R
Dave Parker, Paul Dodd, Olly Butler, David Dyer, Peter Hart

Front Row L-R
Shailesh Bhatt, Tony Kutner, Sam Kutner,Jamie Kutner, David Newbury

Black armbands being worn in memory of former club president Frank Mosheim who passed away in January.

Preparing for a minutes silence in memory of Frank.


2008 Tour Hinton Admiral



Back row L-R
David Newbury, Peter Hart, David Dyer, Olly Butler,
Simon Dyer, Dave Parker

Front Row L-R
Paul Dodd, Robby Robertson, Bobby Moore,
Ian Down (capt), Robby Crouchley


2007 Tudor Sports Ground vs Willesden Green


Back row L-R
Dave Parker, Tony Kutner, Andy Wilson, David Dyer
Simon Dyer, Peter Hart, David Newbury

Front Row L-R
Sam Kutner, Paul Dodd, Ian Down, Bobby Moore,
Yoni Cohen


1994 Tour Ashford Kent

Back row L-R
John Edwards,David Dyer,Frank Mosheim,David Parker,Rob Crouchley, David Newbery

Front Row L-R
Graeme Canter, Nick Falk, Shailesh Bhatt, Simon Dyer, Marko Dyer, Peter Falk



1999 Tour


Back row L-R
Neil Phillips, Stuart Pentecoste, Shailesh Bhatt, David Newbery, Frank Mosheim, David Dyer, Marko Dyer, Andy Wilson.

Front Row L-R
Simon Dyer, Dave Russell,Graeme Canter, Martin Papier



2001 Tour



Back row L-R
John Edwards,Simon Dyer, Marko Dyer,David Dyer,Frank Mosheim,Andy Wilson, Graeme Canter,David Newbury,Gary Marks,Neil Phillips, Martin Papier

Front Row L-R
Stuart Pentecoste, Dave Russell, Ralph Nash, Ian Down
Tony Kutner



2002 Tour


Back row L-R
David Newbery,Tony Kutner,Ian Down,?,David Dyer, Frank Mosheim, Graeme Canter, Simon Dyer

Front Row L-R
Richard Caulfield,Bobby Moore,Darren McKay,Rob Farmer,?



2004 Tour Bournmouth >> Gallery



Back row L-R
David Parker,David Newbery,Graeme Canter,Simon Dyer,David Dyer, Frank Mosheim, Stuart Pentecoste

Front Row L-R
Tony Kutner, Gary Marks, Shailesh Bhatt, Ian Down



2006 Mill Hill 6 aside combined age 237. Came 4/6
Back row L-R Simon Dyer, Dave Parker, Ian Down
Front Row L-R Andy Wilson, Adam Ferjani, Martin Papier

Tony Kutner at the crease
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon style!

N2 Tea Ladies on a Sat morning!